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My publications are listed here, each with a link to the full text pdf wherever permissible according to copyright rules. They are organised into three broad categories: COVID-19, Phylogenetic trees and transmission trees, and Key predistribution.


Ferretti, L., Wymant, C., Petrie, J., Tsallis, D., Kendall, M., Ledda, A., Di Lauro, F., Fowler, A., Di Francia, A., Panovska-Griffiths, J., Abeler-Dörner, L., Charalambides, M., Briers, M., Fraser, C. (2023) Digital measurement of SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk from 7 million contacts, Nature. [pdf]

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Kendall, M., Tsallis, D., Wymant, C., Di Francia, A., Balogun, Y., Didelot, X., Ferretti, L., Fraser, C. (2023) Epidemiological impacts of the NHS COVID-19 app in England and Wales throughout its first year, Nature Communications, 14 858. [pdf]

Ferretti, L., Wymant, C., Nurtay, A., Zhao, L., Hinch, R., Bonsall, D., Kendall, M., Masel, J., Bell, J., Hopkins, S., Kilpatrick, A. M., Peto, T., Abeler-Dörner, L., Fraser, C. (2021) Modelling the effectiveness and social costs of daily lateral flow antigen tests versus quarantine in preventing onward transmission of COVID-19 from traced contacts, medRxiv preprint. [pdf]

Hinch, R., Probert, W. J. M., Nurtay, A., Kendall, M., Wymant, C., Hall, M., Lythgoe, K., Bulas Cruz, A., Zhao, L., Stewart, A., Ferretti, L., Montero, D., Warren, J., Mather, N., Abueg, M., Wu, N., Legat, O., Bentley, K., Mead, T., Van-Vuuren, K., Feldner-Busztin, D., Ristori, T., Finkelstein, A., Bonsall, D. G., Abeler-Dörner, L., Fraser, C. (2021) OpenABM-Covid19 - An agent-based model for non-pharmaceutical interventions against COVID-19 including contact tracing, PLOS Computational Biology, 17(7): e1009146. [pdf]

Wymant, C., Ferretti, L., Tsallis, D., Charalambides, M., Abeler-Dörner, L., Bonsall, D., Hinch, R., Kendall, M., Milsom, L., Ayres, M., Holmes, C., Briers, M., Fraser, C. (2021) The epidemiological impact of the NHS COVID-19 App, Nature, 594, 408–412. [pdf]

Colizza, V., Grill, E., Mikolajczyk, R., Cattuto C., Kucharski, A., Riley, S., Kendall, M., Lythgoe, K., Bonsall, D., Wymant, C., Abeler-Dörner, L., Ferretti, L., Fraser, C. (2021) Time to evaluate COVID-19 contact-tracing apps, Nature Medicine, 27, 361-362. [pdf]

Kendall, M., Milsom, L., Abeler-Dörner, L., Wymant, C., Ferretti, L., Briers, M., Holmes, C., Bonsall, D., Abeler, J., Fraser, C. (2020) Epidemiological changes on the Isle of Wight after the launch of the NHS Test and Trace programme: a preliminary analysis, The Lancet Digital Health, 2(12):E658-E666. [pdf]

Ferretti, L., Ledda, A., Wymant, C., Zhao, L., Ledda, V., Abeler-Dörner, L., Kendall, M., Nurtay, A., Cheng, H., Ng, T., Lin, H., Hinch, R., Masel, J., Kilpatrick, A. M., Fraser, C. (2020) The timing of COVID-19 transmission, medRxiv preprint. [pdf]

Ferretti, L.*, Wymant, C.*, Kendall, M., Zhao, L., Nurtay, A., Abeler-Dörner, L., Parker, M., Bonsall, D., Fraser, C. (2020) Quantifying SARS-CoV-2 transmission suggests epidemic control with digital contact tracing Science 368(6491). [pdf]

Phylogenetic trees and transmission trees

Torres Ortiz, A., Kendall, M., Storey, N., Hatcher, J., Dunn, H., Roy, S., Williams, R., Williams, C., Goldstein, R. A., Didelot, X., Harris, K., Breuer, J., Grandjean, L. (2023) Within-host diversity improves phylogenetic and transmission reconstruction of SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks, eLife 12:e84384. [pdf]

Didelot, X., Kendall, M., Xu, Y., White, P. J., McCarthy, N. (2021) Genomic Epidemiology Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks Using TransPhylo Current Protocols, 1, e60. [pdf]

Lees, J. A., Kendall, M., Parkhill, J., Colijn, C., Bentley, S. D. and Harris, S. R. (2018) Evaluation of phylogenetic reconstruction methods using bacterial whole genomes: a simulation based study [version 2; referees: 3 approved], Wellcome Open Research, 3(33). [pdf]

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Kendall, M., Eldholm, V. and Colijn, C. (2018) Comparing phylogenetic trees according to tip label categories, bioRxiv preprint [pdf]

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Kendall, M. and Colijn, C. (2016) Mapping phylogenetic trees to reveal distinct patterns of evolution, Molecular Biology and Evolution, 33(10):2735-2743 [pdf]

Key predistribution

Kendall, M. and Martin, K. M. (2016) Graph-theoretic design and analysis of key predistribution schemes, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 81(1): 11-34

Kendall, M., Martin, K. M., Ng, S.-L., Paterson, M. B., & Stinson, D. R. (2014) Broadcast-enhanced key predistribution schemes, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, 11(1): 1–33

Kendall, M. (2013) Combinatorial Aspects of Key Predistribution for Resource-Constrained Networks, Doctoral Thesis, Royal Holloway, University of London. [pdf]

Kendall, E., Kendall, M. & Kendall, W.S. (2012) A generalised formula for calculating the resilience of random key predistribution schemes, eprint archive [pdf]

Kendall, M. and Martin, K. M. (2012) On the role of expander graphs in key predistribution schemes for wireless sensor networks, In Research in Cryptology, volume 7242 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 62-82