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Local Covid Tracker

I made this shiny app to track local infection levels across England and Wales. The methods used are based on those described in this paper. In the app you can explore the paper's results in more detail and track local epidemics across England and Wales (updated daily).

track local infection levels in England

COVID-19 transmission routes

We analysed the routes of infection of COVID-19 and showed that a high proportion of infections come from pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. This means that contact tracing needs to be fast and scalable to be an effective intervention towards controlling the epidemic.

This shiny app enables you to explore our results and test their sensitivity to our modelling assumptions.

lowering the growth rate with interventions


treespace is an R package for the exploration of landscapes of phylogenetic trees.

It is also available as a user-friendly Shiny app which can be launched via the R package or directly from your browser.

treespace example


phyloTop is an R package which provides tools for calculating and viewing topological properties of phylogenetic trees

phyloTop example


I also contribute to various projects over on GitHub - you can see the latest repositories I'm working on here.